CFA policy is to pre-select the championship site for the championship game for both six and eight-man divisions. Other post-season game sites are based on end of season standings. Guidelines may differ depending on the constellation of participating schools relative to the game site.
Please note the following:
1. If a member school is hosting the game BUT is not in the game the higher seeded team will have home team privileges, such as dressing room, fan seating, side of field, and uniform color.
2. If the host school is playing in the game as the lower seed then that school has most home field advantages, including side of field, fan seating and dressing room. However, the top seeded team shall select their uniform color for the game.
3. The host school manages the game and keeps proceeds from the sale of shirts and concession sales whether or not they are playing in the game. This has been standard practice.
4. If the higher seed team is not the host school the league will pay a $100 stipend to the school.
Facility suitability and location as well as game management needs are all considered with selection of game site. Keep in mind that reasonable effort is made to book officials that have not officiated at the host schools games during the season.
CFA championship games have always been done in a first class way. Our schools and players are worth our best efforts. It would be a difficult task to find a quality six or eight-man field outside our league. Fortunately we have worked together and have maintained a quality league within the confines of our resources. That is why this policy is necessary.